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IVR Lessons Learnt from leading Pharmaceutical Retailer

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There was an announcement a while back that one of the largest pharmaceutical chains in the US has published an open API that lets anyone using it print photos for collection at their stores.

At first I thought there’s not much new here, snapfish has an API, and so does Picassa (by google) but this is a huge bricks and mortar retailer opening up it’s distribution channel for anyone who fancies writing a bit of code to use their API. So on second thought, this is quite a big step. And timely. But don’t think it’s just apps and websites that will harness this opportunity.

Now there’s an API for it, we’re just a short step away from: “Siri, can you print out all recent pictures of the kids so I can pick them up on the way to their grandmas”. But we’ll have to wait for Apple to open up Siri before we can do that.