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IVR in Utilities: CSAT Influence Switching Suppliers

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According to a VoxGen poll of 2,000 UK consumers, customer satisfaction is a key influencer in the decision to switch utility provider. While competitive offers and tariffs continue to be high on the list of customer priorities, CSAT is not far behind.

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We commissioned the study by market researchers at Vision Critical to address the issue of rising costs in living and higher energy/utility bills.

Almost 60% of consumers said an energy (OR utility) provider’s track record in providing high customer satisfaction levels through IVR would be highly influential on any forthcoming decision to switch providers. Importantly, only 5% said customer satisfaction history would hold no influence in their decision-making.

In comparison, 66% of the sample said offers and deals would be highly influential in their switching decision, with 4% saying it would have no influence. While tariffs and rates topped the board with 78% of people rating this as the highest influencer. 3% said tariffs and rates would have no influence at all.

This raises the question: what’s easier to sustain, lowest price or best IVR customer experience? And more to the point, which is more detrimental to the bottom line?

As the utility markets become more competitive and price increases under scrutiny, utility companies need to make sure they don’t forget the importance of IVR customer satisfaction on consumer decision to switch provider.

The water industry is already seeing the benefits of focusing on IVR customer satisfaction and delivering improvements in customer experience. Their approach is something that other utility providers can learn from. Find out more here: ‘What can we learn from the water industry about Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)?’