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IVR in Healthcare: Investment Paid Back in 7 Months

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When a major chain of healthcare clinics wanted to contain more calls within the IVR, personalize caller experiences and help callers get the right answers faster, they turned to VoxGen.

By analyzing their incoming calls and learning about the language callers use, we were able to design, build and deliver a truly customer-centric IVR.

The benefits for the chain have been huge. Smart automation has increased IVR containment by 30%, while the friendly, natural call experience has pushed customer satisfaction levels to 4.8/5. Best of all, the client saw a complete return on investment in just 7 months.

How we built a more customer-centric IVR

The project began with field research and analysis. By listening to calls and observing agents as they interacted with customers, we gained deep insight into the kinds of calls the clinics receive, and the type of language that callers typically use.

This information helped us create our first prototype, which was then tested and iteratively improved until we had a solution that we were confident customers would love.

Now, callers encounter an intelligent IVR that delivers fast, friendly self-service for common queries – and personalized options to help callers reach the right agent faster for more complex enquiries.

Read the full case study here to learn more about how we helped the clinic chain transform the IVR experience. Find out what we learned along the way, and see how we can help your organization get maximum value from your own IVR.