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IVR Design: The Vital Quesions

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Imagine you've just received your bill from your mobile provider. You decide to pay by phone and want to call the IVR. Do you have the customer service number to hand? Are the prompts in the system clear? Does the persona reflect the brand? Is making a payment easy and fast? If you need to speak with a representative, are you endlessly on hold and then does the representative have your information when she finally answers?

Customer experience over the phone is no game! But we thought it might be fun to turn it into one. What effect does poor design have on the journey from receiving a phone bill to a completed payment? Persona, High Level Design, On Hold, CTI: What are some of the factors that can make this common, simple task either a dreadful chore or a breeze? Play along and find out: Watching ‘full screen’ is recommended. Good luck!