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US Insurer Boosts CSAT Ratings with New, Caller-Friendly IVR

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An insurer’s costly IVR wasn’t getting callers to the right agent. We designed a simpler solution, and saw an immediate 8-point jump in customer satisfaction

Sometimes, the most sophisticated tech on the market isn’t the right solution for your business.

At one of America’s largest insurance companies, an investment in an expensive, natural-language recognition IVR had started to backfire. Over time, the software had lost the ability to understand what callers were saying, as its vocabulary had never been updated.

People who called the insurer in response to a TV ad campaign found the IVR couldn’t recognize what they wanted – not helpful when the ads were supposed to drive business.

And others, after failing to make the system understand their real reason for calling, took to saying any old thing just to get put through to a human being.

As a result, they frequently ended up with the wrong agent, causing irritation to the caller and extra cost to the insurer, whose agents then had to find the right person for the caller to talk to.


Simplifying the IVR for an improved customer experience

It’s a cautionary tale of what can go wrong when an IVR is left to rot – and it shows how important it is to understand what customers want from the IVR, and design it to deliver the right experience.

At VoxGen, we believe the customer experience should dictate the technology used to deliver it, not the other way around. We worked with this insurer to understand what callers really needed from the IVR, and designed a simpler solution that gets callers routed to the right agent, fast.


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