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IVR in Retail: Learnings form Shop Direct

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Shop Direct Group needed to reduce the cost of serving 31 million calls a year while supporting sales of £1.4bn. They wanted to increase IVR self-service of non-sales calls, improve customer experience and reduce misdirected internal transfers.

So VoxGen designed and developed a comprehensive suite of IVR applications including ID&V (Identification & Verification), call routing, payments, returns, order status and catalogue ordering. We also added customer voice surveys and a branded on-hold experience. You can listen to an example here.

The effect was immediate. In a survey of 1,000 callers, 88% said they preferred the new automation to transferring through to an offshore agent. 82% of customers surveyed rated the IVR 7/10 with 50% rating it 10/10.

The 20%+ increase in self-service also led to shorter calls, with customers being identified and giving the reason for their call in automation before speaking with an advisor thereby saving 15-20 seconds of handling time from every call that isn’t fully automated. The advisor now answers those calls equipped with all relevant account details and the customer’s reason for calling. Multiply that 15 to 20 seconds by 31,000,000 calls and you get the picture!

You can learn more about the business outcomes experienced by Shop Direct Group in this three-minute video.