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Control your IVR application development with the VoxGen Portal

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VoxGen are excited to announce the launch of a new way of developing IVR, chat, SMS and Alexa applications… our innovative and fully-automated Portal.

Creating bad IVRs is easy. Making great, conversational customer experiences is something else.  Gracefully handling errors, splicing together audio to create a natural and engaging voice, and managing the design, development and deployment of great customer experiences can be long, arduous and costly.

But no more.

For more than a decade we’ve been building tools to tackle the real issues in developing conversational applications – especially IVRs. We declared our mission to rid the world of bad IVR, but we always knew we couldn’t do it alone. Today we’re excited to announce the launch of a new way of designing and developing conversational applications – our innovative and fully-automated Portal.

Whether you’re a User Experience Designer looking to build and prototype dialogue scripts, or a developer building full applications with our SpeechWizard java framework, the VoxGen Portal stream-lines the process.

Sign up for free at and download our designer or developer platform in minutes. Follow our simple Getting Started guides to get your first application built and ready to go, and gain access to a growing IVR community via our expert-run forum.

And that’s just the start… Upgrade your account to gain access to VoxGen’s years of expertise in conversational design and IVR development, all in one place.

If you’re a designer, we’ll give you access to design templates that deliver extraordinary customer experiences, reduce call-centre resources and use the personality of your IVR application to bolster your brand. Book a consultation with our UX team and speak in person to experts with real-life experience designing for some of the biggest brands in the world.  You’ll get a place to store your designs, audios and prototypes, and you’ll be storing them in the cloud and sharing them with your colleagues in no time.

For developers, the benefits of upgrading are just as game-changing. Never before have industry standard IVR applications been so easily deployed, so user-friendly, nor so thoroughly supported. All you’ll need to do is drag-and-drop your application directly from your IDE into the Portal. We’ll give you a phone number, an application ID and a PIN number, and you’ll be speaking to your IVR in minutes… none of the hassle that comes with maintaining your own telephone numbers, application servers or voice browser.

And we’re not done there.

There are training materials being constantly improved with every new lesson we learn, forum content putting you in contact with IVR developers from across the industry, and access to VoxGen’s support team should anything go awry.

At VoxGen we’re putting an end to bad IVR… and with the VoxGen Portal, you’re going to help us.