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IVR in Telco: Lower Call Volumes and Costs for Lime

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New self-service IVR delivers huge dividends for Caribbean telecoms operator – and its customers

No matter how a customer engages with a company, they want their experience to be as simple and streamlined as possible.

For LIME, the biggest telecoms provider in the Caribbean, delivering this kind of experience was a challenge. With seven automated call handling systems representing four different lines of business to customers in 13 different countries, its IVRs were doing nothing to make life easy for customers – and were struggling to reduce the levels of calls coming into the contact centre.

LIME asked VoxGen for help with consolidating its IVR systems, re-designing them for a better customer experience, and reducing call volumes with simple, friendly self-service. The task was sizable. But using an iterative, customer-centred design approach, VoxGen has been able to transform the calling experience for LIME’s customers – and keep improving it to this day.

VoxGen has helped LIME achieve:

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The challenge: Meeting diverse customer needs while reducing service costs

LIME wanted an automated system that would deliver a more on-brand experience, and reduce the volume of calls into the contact centre.

VoxGen recommended consolidating the existing systems, so that caller data could be shared between them to support a personalised approach. New self-service functionality was also proposed to increase call containment, along with more natural-sounding IVR personas (the voices you hear when you call), tailored to individual regions.

The solution: A rationalised, dynamic, conversational IVR

By consolidating the existing systems, aligning LIME’s lines of business, and building in smarter ways of using customer data to accelerate and personalise their experiences, VoxGen delivered an entirely new breed of IVR. In fact, it was the first conversational IVR deployed in the Caribbean.

Providing the “face” of the new system were three unique voice personas, each designed to appeal a different demographic group within the Caribbean region. By conducting contact centre listening exercises to learn about the language used by customers and agents, VoxGen designed personas that felt completely natural and human to callers—attracting a lot of positive social feedback.

To prevent the IVR from lapsing into a stagnant state, a schedule of ongoing maintenance and iterative improvements based on changing customer needs was created. To date there have been over 20 major updates to the system, and the relationship continues to this day.

Today, callers that get in touch with LIME can expect:

  • A regionally-localised, natural and easy-to-understand IVR experience
  • Dynamic options based upon data linked to their phone number such as open service tickets and outstanding payments
  • Everything they need to serve themselves quickly and conveniently
  • Text messages with useful/supplementary information for them to take away after the call
  • Integration with the contact centre (CTI) to ensure that customers never have to repeat themselves

What the customers are saying

“I like @LIMEJamaica ‘s new automated system, if that’s what it’s called lol, it seem more normal and less robot-y lol”

“I love it. Jamaican language is very obvious and the instructions are plain enough to understand.”

“Love this IVR! Really sounds personal. I felt special, good one.”

The results: Higher containment, lower costs and happier customers

The results have been dramatic. Contact centre costs dropped by 15% after the initial release, IVR containment rates have reached as high as 79%, and a flood of positive social feedback applauded the new IVR personas.

The system has given everyone an immense amount of freedom. Customers are free to pick up the phone and get instant self-service for a wide range of common requests such as bill payment and tech support. Likewise, LIME contact centre managers can access self-service business intelligence and analytics, helping them fully understand what’s going on within the IVR and make informed changes to improve service.

For example, a sharp increase in callers opting for a particular option can indicate an external problem (like a major outage) or an internal change (like a new marketing initiative). Contact centre managers can respond quickly by using their Admin GUI to modify key parts of the system on the fly – like activating a special message in the event of a major outage, or to provide extra information in the event of a marketing campaign.

This level of insight and control has paid huge dividends for LIME, with a major outage broadcast message saving 500 thousand calls over the course of 18 months and high percentages of callers opting in to learn about new marketing campaigns when presented with the option.

But those were just the beginning of the benefits. The new IVR is hosted on-site by LIME, giving them control over the infrastructure, but managed remotely by VoxGen – giving LIME peace of mind and enabling VoxGen to roll out upgrades and fixes as soon as they’re needed.

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Key lessons learned

Companies looking to improve or upgrade their IVR experience can learn the following key lessons from this implementation:

  • If you’re serving customers in multiple countries or regions, consider how different their linguistic/dialect needs may be
  • When your new IVR is in place, frequent updates are required to keep the experiences it delivers relevant
  • Enabling customers to serve themselves for common routine enquiries can cut service costs significantly
  • Personalised experiences increase engagement with self-service options and increase customer satisfaction
  • Contact centre managers can make a real difference to the IVR experience when they’re empowered with easy access to Business Intelligence and trained to make their own changes on the fly

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