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IVR in Telco: Learnings from Lime

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LIME, the leading telecoms provider in the Caribbean, and part of Cable & Wireless Communications provides services to 13 countries in the region. In 2011 VoxGen created a system to handle its 130m calls, and reduce contact centre costs by 15%. We achieved a cost-based payback within the first two years.

Those are the hard metrics, but at least as important was the ability to improve customer experience and safeguard the equity of LIME’s rich and unique brand. To do that, we created three distinct personas to serve the diverse regional populations. You can listen to one of those personas here. LIME enjoyed a flood of positive social media feed back on launch of the new system.

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LIME has a diverse spectrum of customers, and the challenge was to use data and demographics to drive a personalised customer experience. To minimise IT overheads, we successfully consolidated seven existing platforms down to two with a cloud infrastructure to support multichannel contact and a proactive managed service. That involved replacing some ageing and inflexible infrastructure so that now LIME’s systems are future proofed to adapt to new products and channels.

Joan Whitehead, LIME’s Regional VP of Service Assurance, said: “We promise our customers that we'll deliver the best service and the best communication solutions across the board. VoxGen has the specialist skills and expertise to deliver a world-class system.”

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