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VoxGen Makes the Cover of SpeechTek Magazine

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SpeechTek magazine writer, Phillip Britt, contacted VoxGen in March for an update on the panel session we delivered at last years’ SpeechTek conference.  Phillip (aka Phil) wanted to know what’s changed in the voice interface design world over the last 12 months so we spent 45 minutes with him discussing our approach and the launch of the VoxGen Design and Development Portal planned for Q2 2017.  The result is a cover-story written by Phil about how voice interaction design tools are changing. 

Phil writes, “The field of voice interaction design is continuing to evolve so that even people with very limited technical prowess or coding knowledge can now quickly and easily create systems to handle very basic speech interactions or work with other systems in an omnichannel environment. The common goal among vendors of these technologies is to help companies provide their customers with rich, voice-enabled experiences that aren’t overly complicated, costly, or time-consuming to create, deploy, or maintain.”

Read more about the changing field of voice interaction design and VoxGen’s soon to be released Design and Development Portal … on the cover of SpeechTek Magazine, Voice Design Tools Get a Redesign of Their Own.

Thanks for calling Phil!