Is your IVR, SMS or chatbot experience missing a trick?

Research shows that most consumers still pick up the phone for customer service. But it’s often an unhelpful and frustrating experience.

Confusing menu options, long wait times on hold, no opportunity to speak to a human being: these are all huge sources of customer annoyance with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. SMS and chatbots are often no better.

Does your Conversational Experience suffer from any of these – and is it damaging your customer relationships?

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We’ll test your IVR, SMS or chatbot experience and report back to you on elements including:

  • Your “persona”: does it accurately reflect your brand?

  • Your dialog design: does it get customers what they need, fast?

  • Your on-hold experience: is it helpful, or excruciating?

  • Cross-channel integrations: can customers complete inquiries in other channels?

  • Areas that require immediate and longer-term attention

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