Conversational applications promise a great customer experience and reduced costs, but the reality is often far from it. Some are designed badly from the start. Others decay over time through neglect or uncontrolled changes. 

But how do you spot the problems and create solutions?

In this one-hour webinar we’ll teach you how to take your conversation designs from customer experience liability to business enhancing asset.

What will I learn?

  • What makes for good, bad, and downright silly design
  • The top issues you should be looking for in your IVR, SMS, chat and Voice Assistant systems
  • How to do a self-assessment of your systems and how to fix the issues you find

Whatever platform you’re using, whether you’re designing and building yourself or with partners, pick up practical tips to get better results from your IVR, SMS or chatbot investment.

Who's it for?

Customer service, customer experience and IT professionals who use conversational applications like IVR, SMS, chatbots or Voice Assistants

Led by:

  • Kerry Robinson, Chief Executive, VoxGen
  • Dan Aslet, Head of User Experience, VoxGen

Watch the webinar