Customer-centric IVR delivers ROI in 7 months for healthcare clinic chain

Health-related inquiries are often complex, sensitive and urgent – so this chain of clinics wanted to be sure its agents had time to deal with them. That meant deploying a new IVR application to automate basic inquiries and treat all callers sensitively.


The company wanted to get more calls resolved faster, and automate basic inquiries to free up agent time for more urgent or complex calls. That meant giving callers personalized options upfront, and providing agents with more data about transferred callers.


VoxGen conducted a discovery project, observing agents and analyzing calls to understand what the business and its callers needed.

We designed a new application using Wizard of Oz prototypes, reworking them based on feedback until we found the right persona and menu options.

Finally, we deployed a smart, customer-centric IVR application that provides efficient self-service for common tasks and intelligently routes more complex calls to an appropriate agent.


The new IVR application has delivered benefits for the business and its callers alike:

  • 30% reduction in the volume of calls handled by contact center agents
  • Full ROI within 7 months of deployment
  • Average customer satisfaction ratings of 4.8/5 in qualitative usability tests

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Read the case study to see how a more human IVR delivers ROI in just 7 months for healthcare clinics chain.

Read the Case Study

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