Back-to-basics IVR provides better service at lower cost for major U.S. insurer

An expensive, natural-language IVR had been neglected, and was no longer able to get callers the help they needed. VoxGen designed and delivered a simpler solution.


This insurer had an IVR application that used natural-language speech recognition technology, which lets customers explain in their own words what they’re calling about. But its vocabulary had never been updated, so it often couldn’t understand what callers were saying.

In frustration, callers took to saying anything that might get routed them to an agent, causing high levels of costly internal transfers, long wait times and low customer satisfaction.


The insurer asked VoxGen to design an application that would better serve callers’ needs. A discovery project revealed that most calls relate to just a few things, such as filing a claim, getting a quote, or making a payment.

By presenting these options, the new VoxGen IVR application can quickly determine what a caller wants. And by mapping the caller’s number to the insurer’s regional offices or the caller’s existing policy, it can route them quickly to the right agent.


The new IVR has delivered big improvements for the insurer and its callers:

  • Customer satisfaction with claims calls increased by 8 percentage points in the first 3 months
  • Average time spent in the IVR has fallen by one-third, from 57 to 38 seconds
  • Calls to the main contact center have been reduced by 6%

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Read the case study to see how callers get faster answers at lower cost, thanks to streamlined IVR.

Read the Case Study


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