Pharmacy chain increases self-service by 200% with personalized IVR experience

Customers of this pharmacy chain were used to receiving attentive service from store staff – but the IVR made them feel like strangers. VoxGen created a more welcoming, personalized IVR experience.


At this large pharmacy chain, 70% of calls are repeats– mainly from people wanting to renew prescriptions. But the IVR simply played the same messages and asked for the same information each time. That was causing frustration for callers and inefficiency for the business.


VoxGen set out to design a radically new IVR experience, delivering it in three stages:

Research and testing: We researched customer language and behavior, built prototype menus and voice personas, and tested them with real customers.

Core IVR application: We deployed the core of a new IVR application, and monitored it to identify opportunities for personalization.

Personalized experience: We used data to provide a personalized IVR experience that remembers callers’ previous interactions and offers them relevant options each time they call.


The new IVR application delivered immediate and ongoing results:

  • 15% more successful interactions with the IVR application, even before personalization was added
  • Almost 200% increase in the number of callers using the self-service application after personalization was added
  • Reduced inbound call-handling costs as a result of increased self-service

VoxGen services used

Read the case study to see how this retail pharmacy chain used easily-captured data to deliver personalized self-service for every caller.

Read the Case Study


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