Shop Direct saves over 130,000 agent hours with self-service IVR

Shop Direct Group handles over 31 million calls per year. So when the e-commerce giant wanted to cut average call times and make its IVR experience more welcoming, it called in VoxGen.


With so many inbound calls, Shop Direct saw an opportunity to reduce costs by cutting call durations, improving routing, and containing more requests within the IVR. Because most of Shop Direct’s customers get in touch by phone, it also wanted to make callers more aware of offers and discounts.


VoxGen designed and delivered a series of updates to the existing IVR:

Identification and verification to identify each caller and understand their reason for calling before routing them to an appropriate agent

Self-service for common requests like payments, order status, returns, account information and ordering a catalog, removing the need for callers to wait for an agent

Personalized on-hold experience with on-hold messages for each of Shop Direct’s brands, ensuring callers only hear messages relating to the brand they are calling


The results have been phenomenal:

  • Self-service usage has increased by 20%
  • 85% of callers are automatically identified and verified, saving 15-20 seconds per call
  • 88% of callers prefer the new automated system
  • 82% of customers rate the IVR 7/10 – and 50% rate it 10/10

VoxGen services used

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