Streamlined IVR lowers Cable & Wireless Communications contact center costs by 15%

The Caribbean’s largest telecoms operator, Cable & Wireless Communications (CWC) had too many call handling systems to provide a consistent caller experience. Enter VoxGen with an elegant solution.


With seven automated call handling systems serving customers in 13 countries, CWC was struggling to cope with the level of inbound calls to the contact center. Its call handling costs were sky-high, and the customer experience inconsistent. CWC wanted an automated system that would reduce inbound call volumes and deliver a more on-brand experience.


VoxGen worked with CWC to consolidate seven systems down to just two. The Caribbean is a diverse region, so VoxGen recommended using different personas to serve different countries, with the system automatically choosing the most appropriate persona based on the caller’s number.

To reduce inbound calls, VoxGen designed new self-service function, as well as SMS integration to allow callers to request updates by text for issues such as broadband outages. Finally, ongoing monitoring and updates ensure the new IVR application keeps pace with changing customer needs.


The results have been dramatic:

  • Contact center costs dropped by 15% after the initial release
  • A flood of positive social feedback applauded the new IVR personas
  • Self-service containment rates have reached as high as 79%
  • An easily-inserted broadcast message deflected 500,000 calls during an outage

VoxGen services used

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