Modern IVR puts Anglian Water at #1 for customer experience.

Anglian Water is the largest water and wastewater company in England and Wales by geographical area. When the UK’s water industry regulator introduced incentives for outstanding customer service, Anglian saw an opportunity to improve the experience of customers calling the company.


Customer service has always been important to Anglian Water, but the introduction of Ofwat’s Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) – which financially rewards good customer service – brought this focus to the fore. Anglian and its consulting partner, Capgemini, tasked VoxGen with designing and implementing a new voice self-service solution that would enhance the customer service experience, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


VoxGen designed a new, customer-friendly IVR experience with these key features:

  • Rapid identification and verification (ID&V): for shorter call times and greater convenience
  • Intuitive self-service options: for tasks like card payments and change of address
  • Data-driven routing of debt inquiries to the most skilled agents
  • Business intelligence: with real-time reporting of key customer satisfaction metrics


The results to date have been phenomenal:

  • Over 25% of customers can now self-serve without speaking to an agent
  • Average call handling time has been reduced by 20 seconds
  • Screen-popping and ID&V enable agents to build immediate rapport with customers
  • 88% of customers are “very satisfied”, putting Anglian at #1 for customer satisfaction
  • The solution is expected to deliver a £2m net benefit within 5 years

VoxGen services used

Read the case study to see how Anglian Water saved £2M over 5 years with new self-service IVR handling 25% of all calls.

Read the Case Study

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