Make a solid case for IVR investment

Get everything you need to make the case for IVR modernization.

You know your IVR experience isn’t up to scratch – and it’s probably costing you money, sales, and even customers.

But making the case for investing in it can be tricky. You need to be able to:

  • Extract relevant performance data from your current systems

  • Quantify how much time and money you’re losing today – or could lose in future

  • Calculate how much you stand to gain through an IVR modernization project

  • Know what kind of IVR will meet your callers’ needs – and your business objectives

  • Present a compelling case for change to internal stakeholders

If you need external help, VoxGen can help you draw up a convincing proposal. We’ll talk to you about what you want to achieve – whether that’s higher revenues, lower contact center costs, or better customer satisfaction scores.

Then we’ll analyze your current IVR experience and draft a full set of recommendations for where to focus your investment, with ROI projections and timescales, and metrics to measure your success.

In short, we’ll give you everything you need to make your business case.

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