Cloud or on-premises? Now you don’t have to choose.

Get an IVR application that’s ready to move from your infrastructure to the cloud, and vice-versa.

Cloud vs. on-premises is one of the biggest decisions facing technology leaders today. You can probably see pros and cons with both options, and IVR is no exception. A cloud-based IVR can lower your infrastructure and maintenance costs, but you may not feel ready to let go just yet.

In an ideal world, you wouldn’t have to choose. You’d build, buy or commission an IVR application that could move as your strategy evolves: from on-premises to Cloud, or vice-versa.

At VoxGen, we’ve got all these bases covered. Our unique, VXML-compliant architecture means a VoxGen IVR application can run in your data center, in our cloud, or in a hybrid environment. So you can start on-premises and move to the cloud later, or vice versa.
And wherever you choose to deploy, you can count on us for as much support and management as you need. Making the transition even easier when it comes.

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