Develop a modern, conversational IVR

Get the right tools to craft a great conversational IVR experience.

If you want a smart, connected, conversational IVR application – one that delivers on your customer service aspirations and your business objectives – you need really good tools to build it with.

The problem is that a lot of the drag and drop tools that came with modern contact center platforms just aren’t up to the task. They’ll do a basic job, but to craft a great IVR experience, you really need:

  • A design tool that’s geared to creating natural, flowing IVR journeys

  • A way to quickly turn your design into code, ready for deployment

  • Code that’s deployable, scalable and portable across a wide range of platforms

  • Support for multiple languages and personas

  • Development tools that let you easily build extra functionality or add integrations

  • Admin tools to protect your code and documentation, and manage apps at runtime

At VoxGen we’ve developed a set of design and development tools for smart, connected, conversational IVR, which we use on every IVR project we undertake. Our tools are available to license for your own use, or you can ask us to design and develop a new IVR application for you.

Either way, you get to deliver better IVR, faster – which is great news for your customers, and great news for your brand.

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