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The phone is one of your key customer engagement channels. So it pays to understand how your callers interact with your IVR, and use that insight to optimize their experience.

But there’s a problem: most IVR applications are black holes of information. There’s no way to tell what goes on in there, where callers get stuck, or whether they’re getting the help they need.

To get the right insight, you need:

  • Continuous monitoring of activity inside the IVR

  • Granular reporting of individual user experiences within the IVR

  • A business intelligence dashboard to make sense of that reporting

  • The ability to turn those insights into recommendations for action

  • Tools and expertise to make the required updates to the IVR experience

With VoxGen you get a business intelligence dashboard to track things like how many people are calling, what they’re asking for, and how they get on. You can use that data to drive ongoing improvements in your customer experience – both inside and outside your IVR.

So your callers always get what they need, and your IVR keeps on delivering great business value.

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