Stop IVR rot from damaging your business

Get tools and help to ensure your IVR keeps pace with callers’ needs.

As a key contact channel, your IVR should keep pace with your business. But that’s often easier said than done. One of the biggest issues with IVR applications is that they can quickly be neglected, because many organizations lack the people, tools and processes to keep them up to date.

We call this IVR rot, and its telltale signs include out of date messages, menu options that are no longer relevant, and language that callers no longer use.

To stop the rot from setting into your IVR application, you need:

  • To put yourself in your callers’ shoes and review their experience in the IVR

  • The ability to empower contact center managers to make minor updates

  • Intuitive tools to make more complex changes yourself

  • A central repository of up-to-date documentation about the IVR application

  • Policy and processes to ensure the IVR experience is regularly optimized

VoxGen can help. We continuously monitor and update the user experience for many of our customers. With every VoxGen IVR application, you get an admin tool that allows agents and managers to add and remove messages, while our design and development tools let your IT team make more complex changes easily.

Stopping IVR rot is a pain solved by IVR UX Design.

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