Make voice part of your omni-channel experience

Connect your IVR with other channels in the way that makes most sense for your callers.

For many organizations, omni-channel is a daunting prospect. Some channels are easier than others to integrate, which is why voice is often left to last.

But with customers increasingly wanting to shift seamlessly between web, mobile, voice and SMS, it makes sense to bring the IVR into your omni-channel project as early as you can. That means you need to:

  • Understand how callers engage with your organization across channels

  • Identify the best channels to integrate with IVR

  • Select the right ways to integrate with them

  • Design and develop a caller-friendly IVR application with the right integrations

  • Monitor and update the IVR and its integrations to ensure it remains useful

The good news is it doesn’t have to be difficult. VoxGen can work with you to plan, design and deliver a caller-friendly cross-channel IVR, so your callers get the experience they want – and you gain through lower service costs and higher customer satisfaction scores.

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