Reduce costs with exceptional IVR self-service

Get a self-service IVR that gives callers the help they need, fast.

You’ve done the math, and you know how much you could save by containing more calls in self-service. But your callers simply aren’t engaging with your IVR self-service options.

That’s because a lot of self-service IVR is confusing, so callers try other numbers to get what they need. You end up spending more on internal transfers, and your agents spend valuable time dealing with basic inquiries.

To create a high-performing self-service IVR, you need to:

  • Understand which reasons for calling can be resolved effectively in self-service

  • Design the IVR experience around callers’ needs – not just your business priorities

  • Use data about each caller to present them with the most relevant self-service options

  • Monitor self-service usage to identify problem areas that lead to abandonment

  • Maintain the IVR to ensure self-service options remain relevant and helpful

We’ll work with you to deliver a self-service IVR application that gets callers the help they need. That means making smart use of caller data; integrating with other channels like SMS and web; and routing callers to the right agent, fast, if they can’t get what they want in the IVR.

You’ll see your contact center costs fall, and your CSAT scores rise. Win-win!

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