Unlock the full value of your contact center platform

Replace an under-performing IVR application – without replacing your platform

If you’ve made a major investment in a contact center platform, it’s frustrating to find the IVR application not up to scratch.

You obviously don’t want to replace the whole platform because, overall, it delivers outstanding business value. But at the same time you know you could gain so much more from a modern, conversational IVR that provides a great caller experience:

  • Keep your contact center platform, but replace the IVR element

  • Design a new IVR application that aligns with customers’ needs and your business goals

  • Quickly develop and deploy the new IVR on the existing platform

  • Monitor and maintain the new IVR to ensure it continues to deliver a great experience

With VoxGen, you don’t have to settle for sub-standard IVR. We’ll design and deliver a world-class IVR application to run on your existing platform, so your callers get a great service, and you unlock the full value of your platform investment.

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