Could your IVR be working harder?

You’ve invested a lot of time and effort into your IVR, and now you need to know it’s working.

Most businesses track their containment rate – how many calls are completed without ever leaving the IVR – but that won’t give you a clear picture of how well it’s performing overall.

Through our work with clients, we’ve identified 10 alternative ways of measuring your IVR’s performance, so you can be sure it’s delivering exactly what you--and your callers--need.

eBook: 10 metrics for total IVR effectiveness

In our 10 Metrics for IVR Success ebook, we outline the best ways to make sure your IVR strategy is delivering on its ROI and customer experience promises. Read it now and find out:

  • Which metrics you should be tracking – and why
  • How to collect data about each metric
  • How to use the data to improve your IVR

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