Chatbots and virtual assistants are getting a lot of attention - should they be part of your customer experience toolkit?

Listen to experts Art Schoeller, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester and Kerry Robinson, CEO at VoxGen discuss how chatbots and virtual assistants fit into the mix of your customer experience toolkit.  

Art shares Forrester’s research on consumers’ channel preferences for self-service while Kerry shares actionable advice from real-world examples to apply to your channel strategy today.

In 45 minutes, Art and Kerry will share:

  • How customer’s choices of touchpoints for service are evolving
  • Where chatbots and virtual assistants fit in the channel mix and their level of maturity
  • Getting the best out of more traditional touchpoints like IVR and SMS
  • Best practices for supporting customer channel preferences
  • Tools for optimising IVR and SMS interactions along with case studies

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