Is your IVR System a maze of confusing options?

When a customer calls your organization, what’s their experience like? Do they get an immediate friendly welcome, and all the help they need to complete their inquiry?

Or is your IVR a maze of confusing options, irrelevant information and unbearable wait times?

Knowing how your callers experience your IVR is a crucial first step towards delivering a great customer experience in the voice channel.

Use our CX checklist to score your IVR

Download our free checklist, call up your IVR, and score it against 35 criteria, including:

  • The IVR “persona”: does it accurately reflect your brand?

  • Dialog design: does it get callers what they need, fast?

  • On-hold experience: is it helpful, or excruciating?

  • Multi-channel integration: do you help callers to complete inquiries in other channels?

Download your checklist today and take your first step towards truly customer-centric IVR. Complete the form and the guide will be emailed to you.