IVR is broken and it's time to fix it.

At best, it’s a quick and painless experience. At worst, it’s a deeply unpleasant one. The endless cycling through options to try to reach a real person. The embarrassment of having to shout ‘YES’, ‘NO’, ‘TO REPORT A FAULT’ over and over in a quiet office. The frustration of being cut off mid-call for no reason.


9 ways to create an IVR experience that callers will love

This ebook is packed with tips, experiences and real-life examples to help you deliver an outrageously great IVR experience, including:

  • Why you should never let a business analyst design your IVR

  • How standard call flow editors lead to bad customer experiences

  • Why ‘small data’ is better than ‘big data’ for personalization

  • When you need an IVR Czar in your life

  • If ‘low-code’ beats ‘no-code’ for IVR development

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