The impact of bad IVR is huge.

In 2012, Discovery Channel viewers rated Interactive Voice Response “the most annoying invention of all time”.

Poor customer experience in the IVR is bad news for your business. It leads to dwindling rates of first-call resolution, social media badmouthing, lackluster Net Promoter scores – and worse.

The good news is lots of IVR problems can be easy to fix.

7 ‘Guerrilla CX’ tactics to fix your IVR experience

This guide outlines 7 projects you can start today, each aimed at fixing a common obstacle in the IVR experience. Download it now and get practical tips on:

  • Understanding why callers use your IVR

  • Auditing your current IVR experience

  • Revamping your IVR’s high level design

  • Implementing basic personalization

  • Enabling useful cross-channel journeys

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