Let us develop your IVR application for you, or use our tools to build your own.


To build the best application for your needs, we first need to know about your existing IT environment.

As part of our initial Discovery session, we’ll explore your current infrastructure to understand how it can best support a modern, Java-based, VXML- compliant IVR application.

We’ll also explore which other channels your new IVR application can integrate with in order to provide the best possible customer experience, and which data sources it can draw upon to offer intelligent, personalized options to each caller.

We’ll include our technical recommendations in a report that you can use as the basis of a business case for investment in your IVR channel.

IVR development

VoxGen’s development team have built smart, connected, conversational IVR applications for hundreds of organizations, including Anglian Water, Shop Direct Group, GAME and LIME.

When you choose VoxGen to design and develop your new IVR application, you can rely on it being delivered fast, efficiently and in line with the design spec.

We work using Agile principles, but for projects that need a waterfall approach we will blend the two; testing and iterating throughout the design and development process to ensure we deliver a high-quality application, while respecting the need for a clear scope and a committed timeline.

We’re experts in designing, developing and implementing next-generation IVR – but we won’t insist on developing your application for you. We’re equally happy for your dev team or IT partner to use our tools, and we’ll provide as much or as little support throughout the process as you need.

Development tools

Most IVR development tools just aren’t geared to building smart, connected, conversational applications. We couldn’t find one that was up to scratch, so we built our own.

SpeechWizard is a development environment that’s designed specifically for conversational applications. It’s a low-code framework, which means it auto-generates most of the code for you, but won’t stop you diving into the code if you need to.

SpeechWizard is built on Java, VXML and the industry standard Eclipse IDE, and provides re-usable modules, services and tools to make it fast and easy to develop next-generation IVR applications.

Development support

If you’re using SpeechWizard to develop your IVR application – or you need some help and advice with the development process itself – we’re here to help with any issues. We provide online and phone support, with a number that gets you straight through to a VoxGen expert in your timezone.

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Next-generation IVR in action

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