Our IVR applications will move effortlessly from your data center to our Cloud, and vice versa. Choose one of the following options to start, and move when you’re ready.

On-premises IVR

Every VoxGen IVR application is VXML-compatible, so you can easily integrate it into your existing contact center platform. If you’d like the convenience of cloud but still keep the application on your premises, you can create a virtual environment for it and let us build and manage it for you via VPN. Ultimately, the choice is yours – and if you want to move to the Cloud in the future, you can.

Cloud IVR

Many of our customers choose to have us host and manage their IVR application in our VoxGen Cloud. It’s built on highly-secure, high-availability Amazon EC2 architecture, with telecoms from multiple global providers – so you can rely on your application performing at scale, even during unexpected surges in call volumes.

With VoxGen Cloud Hosting you not only get the convenience and peace of mind of having your IVR application monitored and managed round the clock, but you also benefit from our 100% uptime guarantee – ensuring significantly better performance than most on-premises data centers.

Hybrid IVR

A hybrid solution can give you the best of both worlds. There are two main approaches:

Split traffic between platforms: Divide traffic between an on-premises platform and the VoxGen Cloud. This means you can leverage your platform, but get extra burst capacity when you need it. Alternatively, we can host individual application modules, like payments, in our PCI-compliant VoxGen Cloud, so you don’t have to worry about achieving or maintaining compliance yourself.

Split voice and application layers: Run the IVR applications in our VoxGen Cloud, but keep voice processing on your premises. This way you can use your own platform and keep things simple, but still benefit from our rich application environment, with rapid deployment, continuous monitoring, and tools to understand and manage IVR performance in real time.

Platform support

Whether we’re hosting your IVR application in our cloud, or managing it for you on your premises, you benefit from our world-class support services.

Behind the scenes, we proactively monitor the platform, your application and its integrations, so we can spot issues and fix them before they become a problem. And if you do notice something wrong, you have 24/7/365 online and phone support, with a number that gets you straight through to a VoxGen expert in your timezone.

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