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Performance optimization

For your IVR to deliver long-term value, it has to keep giving users what they need. That’s why every VoxGen IVR has full user-experience monitoring and reporting capabilities. You can set up your own dashboards and reports, or ask us to monitor and manage the end-user experience for you.

When you entrust the job to us, we’ll set up reports to track key metrics like how many people are calling, what they’re asking for, and how they get on in the IVR. We’ll use that information to identify areas that need attention, and make iterative updates to maintain a superb user experience.

UX design support

If you choose to design your own IVR using the VoxGen design tool, we’ll provide full technical support throughout the process.  

Development support

If you’re using our SpeechWizard tool to develop your IVR application – or you need some help and advice with the development process itself – our experts are on hand to help. 

Platform service assurance

Whether we’re hosting your IVR application in our cloud, or managing it for you on your premises, you’ll benefit from proactive performance monitoring and management. We’ll continously monitor the platform, your application and its integration points with other channels and systems, so we can spot any issues and fix them before they become a problem.

Technical experts

There’s no level 1 or level 2 support with VoxGen. When you call our 24/7/365 support line, you’ll be immediately connected with a VoxGen expert in your timezone, who knows our applications, tools and platforms intimately. So you get the help you need, fast.

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IVR UX design

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