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Before we start a project for you, we need to know how things stand today. We’ll spend time analyzing your inbound calls to hear what kind of language callers use, talking to your call center agents, and understanding what customers want to do when they call your organization.

We’ll talk to you about your business objectives, like your CX goals and any cost saving targets. And we’ll examine your existing technology environment to understand what changes to the IVR it can support, and where you and your callers could benefit from more cross-channel integration.

We’ll package it all up into a report with recommendations for a new IVR design; animated storyboards and audio samples; a project roadmap; and an ROI projection. Essentially, everything you need to create a business case for investment in this critical but often-neglected channel.

UX design

When you’re ready to go ahead, our voice UX designers will get to work designing a smart, connected, conversational IVR application – using technologies that best meet your callers’ needs.

Drawing on the information we gathered in the Discovery stage, we’ll create a new IVR high-level design, build a rapid prototype, and test it with some of your customers to get their feedback.

Using that feedback, we’ll iterate on the design until it meets callers’ needs in the most efficient and effective way. Only when that’s done, we’ll build out a detailed dialog design for every activity and pathway within the IVR, as well as designing a new on-hold experience and any channel integrations.

Separately, we’ll cast the right actor or actors to be the “voice” of your brand, and professionally record a library of voice prompts for use in your IVR.

Once the design is fully tested, we’ll either hand it over to you for your dev team to build the application, or our expert developers can build it for you.

Design tool

You can’t design great IVR without great tools. Basic drag-and-drop tools and call-flow diagrams tend to lead to unpleasant, robotic call-handling systems. That’s why at VoxGen we’ve developed our own design tool that allows us to model the IVR experience on a real, natural conversation.

It’s an Eclipse-based tool that lets us share our work with you online during the design phase – with super-strength source control so we can collaborate without versions getting out of sync. And if you need complex IVR with multiple personas and multiple languages, our tool makes it easy.

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