Backbone IVR

This forms the backbone of every VoxGen IVR application:

Broadcast messages: Manage, insert, edit and remove the messages you want to play to your callers. Messages can be standard (played to all callers at a specified point in the call flow) or tailored (played only to callers with data flags matching specific business rules). You can also choose to make messages interactive, for example by asking callers to request more detail.

Identification & verification (ID&V): The sooner you know who’s calling, the faster you can help them. Our ID&V module lets you identify callers quickly and efficiently with Automatic Number Identification (ANI), Calling Line Identity (CLI) or by asking them to input an account number. Then it can verify them with a postal code, date of birth, or other information held in your CRM system.

Pro-active reason for call: It’s not as hard as you’d think to read a caller’s mind. A few flags in your CRM system are often enough to predict what someone is calling about, and offer them what they need straightaway: “I see you have an order due for delivery today, is that what you’re calling about?” This module enables one-step IVR, which makes for super-happy customers.

Dynamic call routing: Automate each caller’s journey through the IVR by playing prompts, receiving input via speech or touch-tone (DTMF), and automatically routing the call to the right place – whether that’s a self-service module, a link to a web page, or a transfer to an agent. You can play different prompts based on time of day, who’s calling, and whether your contact center is open.

Transfers: Transfer callers to different destination numbers – for example to a different agent group or queue – and provide a reason for the transfer. Transfers are based on a series of simple rules that draw upon information provided in the call. You can easily update transfer destinations on the fly, via a secure and intuitive web page.

Out of hours (OOH) handling: When your contact center is closed, you’ll want to treat calls differently. And if there’s an emergency closure, or a bank holiday coming up, you’ll want to make callers aware of any change in service. Our OOH handling module lets you make the necessary changes via a secure and intuitive web page.

Self-service: It’s not suitable for everything, but there are many simple tasks that can be handled in the IVR without making customers wait for an agent or switch to another channel. With pre-built functionality for popular services like payments, and tools to build custom options like balance information and order status, this module makes it quick and easy to build a great self-service IVR.

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