Cross-channel integration

Your callers use many channels to engage with your business. This module makes life easier for them – and you – by offering convenient cross-channel integrations like click-to-call and IVR-to-web.

Click to call: Make it easy for your customers to switch from a digital channel to the phone. Our click-to-call module allows callers to connect with an agent from within a mobile app or web browser, without having to repeat any information. You can give the customer a code that puts them through to the right agent, or they can initiate a call from a mobile app. The module also includes functionality to allow callers to request a call back at a convenient time.

IVR to web: Sometimes it’s more convenient for your caller to complete their inquiry on the web than in the IVR. Our IVR-to-web module lets you automatically send a caller a specific URL that will help them with their inquiry – whether that’s to find out more information, or to complete a transaction online.

IVR UX design

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Next-generation IVR in action

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