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Planning any type of automated customer communication can be tricky, but in the voice channel it’s uniquely tough. To start delivering natural, satisfying experiences through an IVR, designers are tasked with mechanising a very non-mechanical process: human conversation.

Topics: IVR Design

By Kerry Robinson
June 22 2020

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I’ve often been asked why user testing is so important. It’s an activity that is embedded in our process at VoxGen. In this post I explain why…

Topics: IVR Technology

By Kerry Robinson
January 21 2020

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Everyone’s talking about AI… and chatbots.  Like ‘the cloud’ numerous years ago, if your product isn’t powered by AI forget it.  If you believe everything you read you’d think AI is the answer to everything from driverless cars (which it is) to natural and engaging chatbots, intelligent assistants and IVR systems (which, unfortunately, it isn’t).


Topics: featured, Artificial Intelligence

By Kerry Robinson
January 07 2020

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Chatbots are a hot topic. Looking at our twitter and LinkedIn feeds, the interest and excitement bubbling around this area is vast. Having worked in conversational user experience (UX) over the last two decades,  it’s exciting to see that the industry is experiencing a rapid growth, and delving into emerging technologies like bots and agents.

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Topics: IVR Futures, Chatbots

By Dan Aslet
December 16 2019

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Personalisation has been a hot topic in IVR Customer experience (CX) circles over the last couple of years. Done well, personalised experiences have the potential to improve CX, increase loyalty, and reduce cost to serve.

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In an April 2017 report, Pivot To Person-First Personalization, Forrester reports that more than two-thirds...

Topics: Experience

By Kerry Robinson
December 03 2019

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